Paulo Dybala will replace Ronaldo for Juventus.

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Giorgio Chiellini, Defender of the “Zebra” Juventus team urged teammates like Paulo Dybala the Argentine pioneer. To have the opportunity to show his full potential after “Ronaldo” left to join Manchester United.

After “Zebra” Juventus the Italian Serie A champions. There is no superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo who has moved to the “Red Devils” Manchester United in the English Premier League. The team has not performed well. Until the team’s ranking goes to the end of that table.

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini has revealed that the team lacks “Ronaldo”. Who is considered the top player in the world. It has some impact on the team. Which when he was with the team. Of course. He had to play as a starter anyway. And he is grateful for what “Ronaldo” did to our team. When he was at Juventus.

Ronaldo has now moved away. It is a good opportunity for Paulo Dybala to spearhead the Argentina national team striker. Which is considered an important force of the team since moving into the team. Although Dybala has not scored many goals after “Ronaldo” is with the team. But he is still an important force of the team. And will always be remembered by everyone.

Paulo Dybala joined Juventus since 2015, scoring 101 goals in 256 games for the Argentine national team since 2015, Making 29 appearances. Scored two goals. He has less than a year left on his contract with Juventus and has not renewed a new contract.