Luis Suarez praises former Reds team-mates for improving ahead of UCL meeting.

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Atletico Madrid’s Luis Suarez has praised former Liverpool team-mates. That it is much better than before and has become an important force of the team now.

Football battle of the UEFA Champions League. Group stage matchday 4, Group B, in which the Spanish La Liga champion. Atletico Madrid have a queue to visit the “Reds” Liverpool. The famous football club of the English Premier League. And field on Wednesday, November 3, 64 at 3.00 am Thailand time.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has interviewed Luis Suarez. The Uruguay national team striker. Of the Atletico Madrid team through the official website of UEFA to former Liverpool team-mate. Jordan Henderson with whom he played together during his time at Anfield in 2011-2014.

“Hendo is now much improved. After he moved from Sunderland Entered Andfield with a fee of 20 million pounds (920 million baht). But he was seen as. He is a no-name player who comes from nowhere and the price is very high. This put a lot of pressure on him. But after he has been playing with experienced players like Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and playing with me he is more confident and playing better.”

“Currently he is the captain of the team. It’s the strength of the team. where he grew up as a professional footballer He is considered a good example of English football and led Liverpool to the Premier League title. That makes him a very good guarantee that he is a great player today” Luis Suarez said.