Jude can’t carry it! Southgate admits England team Can’t rely on Star alone.

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Jude can’t carry it! Southgate admits England team Can’t rely on Star alone.

  • Southgate says that if England want to win Euro 2024, they cannot rely on Jude Bellingham alone.
  • Jude Bellingham did not play in the past two warm-up games because he was in the process of recuperating his body.
  • The England national team is scheduled to play their first Euro 2024 match against Serbia on June 17, 2024.

After the friendly defeat against Iceland on Friday night, Gareth Southgate admitted.

That if the England national team wants to reach the Euro 2024 championship. They will have to rely on their players. People like Jude Bellingham can’t be alone. In the past two games, Jude did not participate in the field because he had to recuperate from the UEFA Champions League game. final match This makes many people think that the Lions’ army cannot show their full potential when an important midfielder is missing.

“We are not trying to put everything on Jude because it is not his responsibility alone to carry the whole team. But it is the responsibility of all of us to focus on the right points. and to ensure that everyone will have the right attitude. The coaching staff all have to work together to elevate the team to a higher level than we are now.”

Our team is full of quality players. And it is like group work.

Where we have to help each other win this tournament. But if we rely on just one person, we will definitely win.”

“Obviously he (Jude) is a player with a great attitude. And it will have an overall positive effect on the players on the team. But the biggest thing in the last few games is that we haven’t had a lot of cohesion on the field. Even though everyone was happy with the game against Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“Honestly, in the game against Iceland we adapted better. But there are still many players we need to look at. And that game let us know where we need to improve before we meet Serbia.”

However, even though Jude Bellingham has successful by becoming an important player for Real Madrid since the first season he move to ทางเข้า ufabet the team. But at the national team level, Jude still has to prove himself to what extent he can play worthy of the team’s new number 10. Including how much his teammates will be able to support and play with him, the 20-year-old is expected to be on the field as 11 starting players in the Euro 2024 opening game against Serbia. On this June 17, 2024