Fifa the amount of player purchases for 10 years has exceeded 1.55 trillion baht.

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Fifa announced the statistics of the transfer market of football clubs around the world in a decade in football around the world. Spending money to buy players from 2011-2020 is worth up to $48.5 billion. England is the country that spends the most money in the world.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has announced the results of a study on the movement of the football market of football clubs around the world. It is a record recorded in a period of 1 decade between 2011-2020. Which appears that football around the world. The budget to buy players in the period up to 48.5 billion US dollars. Or approximately 1.55 trillion baht in Thai currency.

Such information states that nearly 50 percent of the amount is the total cost of the clubs. That spend the most on football players in the top 30 in the world. With the 30 clubs with the most spending on football players being the ones in the world. And in all of Europe.

30 such clubs there are 12 English football clubs. 5 Spanish and Italian football clubs each. Germany 3 clubs. France and Portugal 2 clubs. And Russia 1 club. In this group, 30 teams spend a total of US$22.8 billion or equivalent to approximately 729,600 million baht in Thai currency. Which is 47% of the total amount in the market.

In the last 10 years. There has been a transfer of transfers to the team of players. Both purchase and loan contracts a total of 133,225 times. With the year with the most transfers being in 2019. A total of 18,079 times. Which may be due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Make the team move around the world less. While Brazilian players made the most transfers 15,128 times.