Cristiano Ronaldo slammed the media for using his name to create rumors.

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World star player “Cristiano Ronaldo” of Juventus and the Portuguese national team. Came out to open up after rumors of moving the team. After only one year left in the contract with “Zebra”. Posted an IG post scolding the media and using the name to sell the news.

 Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo a good attacking line of Juventus. Can’t stand still. Recently came out to clear all issues. Especially about his own future. After his name was alluded to by several clubs during this period.

 This is because Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has the final year left of his contract with Juventus. Leading to reports that Real Madrid are interested in bringing him back to the team. Including two big Europeans “The Blues” Manchester City and PSG. The new team of “Massy” as well. Which referred to as unbearable had to come out to clear all issues after a long silence.

 Ronaldo posted on his personal IG: “Who ever knows me knowing how focused I am. Saying less doing more, That has been my motto since the beginning of my football career. However, From what people have said and written about me lately. I had to come out and show my point.”